Fulfill an Important Sunnah
Hadith Sharif

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

Prophet (saw) said, "The `amal of a human being is cut when he dies except from three things, which are Sadaqat al-Jariyah, 'a flowing donation': charity you gave from which people benefit, knowledge you imparted from which people benefit, and a child you raised well (in Islam).”

There are only three actions in our lifetime that reward us continuously in the grave: if you are a generous person who gave in the way of Allah (swt), even a brick in a mosque, hospital, school, orphanage, or university; if you wrote about, published, or taught knowledge from which people benefit; and raising a child well, as he or she does good deeds.

Masha'Allah, this university is a place for education, and Allah (swt) rewards daily those who built it, in their lives and in their graves! Those who teach or spread knowledge that benefits people are also rewarded. And if someone raises a child with an Islamic education, like these orphans who are praising Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and behaving well as perfect Muslims, Allah (swt) rewards those who look after orphans.

The Islamic Supreme Council of America