Fulfill an Important Sunnah

AN ORPHAN GIRL PLEADS (translated from Bahasa)
31 October 2009 / Jakarta, Indonesia

O Holy Prophet! You have been born from the womb of a mother named Amina. You are the Perfect Man. You are the Seal of Messengers. You are God's lover! Every human being has to commemorate your birth, O Muhammad (s)! On the 12th of Rabi`al-Awwal, peace and peace and peace glorifying your name! Yaa Nabi, salaamu `alayka. Yaa Rasool, salaamu `alayka. Yaa Habeeb, salaamu `alayka.

Allah (swt) said in Holy Qur'an, "O Muhammad! I know you are an orphan. Your father and your mother died, but I gave you shelter. I gave you a place to live. I gave you Heaven. I gave you Earth. I gave you everything. I gave you knowledge."

Your face is like the sun shining on Earth. You exemplify the most commendable of characters. You are the jeweled heart raining in the heart.

I found myself in the womb of my mother alone, between screams, pains, moans of a mother struggling to have me born. But Divine Destiny came quickly and took my mother away to Allah; my mother died. Then a father struggled against temptations. His illness was so great that he was fighting for his life, but fate and destiny told me differently: "Daddy and Mommy have passed away. Daddy and Mommy have passed away." Now, I was born into the world as an orphan, without father, without mother.

O Allah, my Lord! I miss my mother's caress. I miss my mother's face, that I saw in her womb. I miss my father's affection. I miss my family's togetherness.

O Allah! I pray for my daddy and mommy's leaving as shaheed, a martyr in Your Path. Show us the Straight Path! Protect us, to keep the orphan as always it should be. Make people help us! Make people look after us! Make people generous with us!

O Allah! Make patience and trust always be my glove. Make me a useful person in front of You!

The Islamic Supreme Council of America